DPS For Virtuemart


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DPS For Virtuemart

DPS For Virtuemart


 Support Joomla 3 VM 3

In total 3 plugins,

Px Pay plugin for DPS, it's dps hosted.

Px Post plugin for DPS, it's hosted in ur own site, one page compatible.

PX Fusion,  PCI DSS compatible, so it's two steps checkout, but more secure.


Payment Processor

Direct Payment Solutions provide a PCI DSS compliant Visa and MasterCard certified payments 
solution called Payment Express. Payment Express facilitates electronic payments seamlessly from 
multiple access points i.e.Websites, shopping carts, EFTPOS, Billing systems, Recurring Billing, 
IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Vending machines, MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order), 
Wireless systems and much more. 
DPS are certified with banks in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, South Africa, USA 
and United Kingdom offering processing in multiple currencies. 
DPS provide solutions to customers including Trade Me, Apple, Air New Zealand, Quantas, Vodafone, 
Telecom, Auckland City Council, Farmers, Microsoft, NZ Herald, Sky TV and Genesis Energy to name 
a few. 
For more information please feel free to visit the DPS website on www.paymentexpress.com



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